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Window 10 CompatibleThere are a number of popular screensavers which have found their way into PCs and laptops of people across the world. One of them which are quite widespread is based on the movie ?Matrix?. In order to get the same, users need to download the Free Matrix Screensaver. Anyone who has seen and admired the movie will be able to comprehend that it displays a green matrix code on the screen. These characters run down vertically and the speed and many other parameters can be controlled by the user with just a few clicks. This attractive screensaver can be had for free and is quite flexible. It does not require any additional specifications. Just by having a system that runs on Windows OS, users can make the most of this interesting tool. There is an absence of any malware and hence, it can be considered safe for the device. The Free Matrix Screensaver is a small sized file and hence, takes up very less system resources. Users can customize the codes in the matrix and include messages for decoding. They can even add sound effects to the screen saver to make it more attractive. The font size, the speed and characters can also be modified before saving the settings. All this can be achieved with just a few clicks. There are no complex settings and everything is laid out in the main menu of the user friendly interface. After the customization of the characters, users need to specify the time for which the system needs to be idle before the screensaver appears. The Free Matrix Screensaver even lets users change the hue of the characters to give it uniqueness. The response time is also impressive. It is a very entertaining tool that anyone can use without any issues.

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